April 7, 2008

Rational views on superstition

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Psychologytoday gives a very rational view on superstition — Magical thinking

Other views on religion, spirituality

My previous post on Jill bolte taylor – related to spirituality – linkback


April 6, 2008

A pill of 1000 nanobots for you – Rx

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If you had heard/seen articles that discuss the distant future of medicine – you would have heard of these tiny robots that get into your system, detect the problem and rectify the problem. I always thought they would be something like the transformers that would transform themselves into different things depending on where they are in the system and what they are doing. Like being a blood cell when in the blood, a neurotransmitter when in the brain etc. Watch this video, to visualize what I mean. This video will explain how it is going to be done.

When I was reading this article on Technology review that talks of a gene probe for brain damage which is present in eye drops, I thought may be my dream is not too distant.

Appendix 🙂

March 19, 2008

Encephalon – The Vertebrate Brain

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Thanks to Mindhacks, I could find a treasure trove of information related to neuroscience and psychology. There is a community of neuroscience and psychology bloggers and they collect the best posts in the past fortnight and post it on one of their blogs. It is one of the peer-recommended, peer-hosted magazines around. It seems interesting. There have been many such issues, I thought why shouldn’t the information and links be got from one page. So here it is….

  1. Issue 1
  2. Issue 2
  3. Issue 3
  4. Issue 4
  5. Issue 5
  6. Issue 6
  7. Issue 7
  8. Issue 8
  9. Issue 9
  10. Issue 10
  11. Issue 11
  12. Issue 12
  13. Issue 13
  14. Issue 14
  15. Issue 15
  16. Issue 16
  17. Issue 17
  18. Issue 18
  19. Issue 19
  20. Issue 20
  21. Issue 21
  22. Issue 22
  23. Issue 23
  24. Issue 24
  25. Issue 25
  26. Issue 26
  27. Issue 27
  28. Issue 28
  29. Issue 29
  30. Issue 30
  31. Issue 31
  32. Issue 32
  33. Issue 33
  34. Issue 34
  35. Issue 35
  36. Issue 36
  37. Issue 37
  38. Issue 38
  39. Issue 39
  40. Issue 40
  41. Issue 41
  42. Issue 42

Most links due to Neurophilosophy, Sharpbrains. Thanks to the new Neurophilosophy for starting all this.

Mindhacks has a reading list for students

Update:- Another Blog carnival that has been temporarily suspended now is Synapse

March 18, 2008

Different views

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These are some of the views about a video by ‘The Singin’ Scientist’. I strongly recommend you checkout the video at TED

  •  “some fascinating insights into the experience of having a stroke” – Deric Bownd
  • “You can almost hear the sound of a thousand cognitive scientists gritting their teeth” – Vaughan
  • “it’s eerily fascinating to hear this brain scientist describing what it was like” – The Thinking Meat
  • “The language …. to relate her experience is very much like … describing a mystical or religious experience” – Learning Computation

It is one of the most talked about videos in TED 2008. A neuroanatomist, Jill Bolte Taylor, had a stroke in 1996 and lived on to tell her experiences in a book(amazon, lulu), a radio interview and a video.

Isn’t it amazing to see so many views?

March 15, 2008

A few interesting blog articles..

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Along came few nice stories..

Enjoy your time with these enlightening views.

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